Put a ding in the universe

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My Vision

My strategy is simply to produce well-structured and organised website for young business starving to grow and to dive into international market. I can create multilingual websites that will give you the opportunity to be known everywhere. Focused on style and design, the goal is to accomplish all the requirements on time and on the budget. My websites stand out for their lightness and functional organisation, with an eye on the aesthetic.

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About Me

I like to describe myself by the work I want to do more than by the work I have done. I am curious and always looking to learn more and more. This brought me to have many hobbies, interests and fields of studying. From a master in Administration and Finance, to a Diploma in Project Management and now in Web Development. I love freedom and independency. Learning and speaking languages is a natural skill for me. I’m Italian, with working experience in France who’s actually living in Australia.
I am a citizen of the World.