Black Hat SEO

With the term Black Hat SEO, we refer to all the techniques and practices against the search engines’ guidelines, made up to increase the webpage’s rank in search engines. These practices are a shortcut to reach a higher ranking through a manipulation of the search engines’ algorithms.

The following are few of the many Black Hat Techniques in SEO that must be avoided while setting the search strategy up for your own/your client’s website.

Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the most common used technique. It involves the repetitive use of the keywords into the website’s content, with the obvious reason to appear more relevant by the algorithm’s eyes.

Sneaky Redirects

In this case the Black Hat SEO technique consists in the use of different URL than the one originally clicked by the user, to redirect him somewhere else. The most common use of the sneaky redirect is to use different URL to redirect the search engine crawler to one page and the actual users to another one. Another use could be backlinking a webpage that needs to increase its rank position from a webpage with a high one.

Abusing Structured Data/Rich Snippets

Basically, with this technique the content is displayed differently on the search engine results page. It allows you to alter the content or add the structured data to a page to make it looking better than the competitors. One example is the fake reviews schema markup.

The use of Black Hat SEO techniques will most likely bring the website to be banned from the search engines with dramatic consequences for the ranking and the traffic.

Is it worth it?

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