Let's start here

people sat at meeting table

1. Meeting

This is the First Step. The Beginning. I will have an initial conversation with you where we will share ideas, visions and all the aspects of the project.

project management writing surrounded by all the words and synonyms related to it

2. Research and Project Management

This is the part where the project starts to become real. Following your ideas and our first meeting, I will start managing the project and setting all the process up. This part ends with your submission to my Proposal.

colorful light bulb craft

3. Design & Creativity

I will start designing your Website and collecting any material, document and content that you provide and/or require.

one happy, one neutral, and one sad face above the word feedback

4. Your Feedback

The first drafts will be revised by you. Your Feedback is extremely important and I will make all the changes, improvements that you require in the project.

man holding a clock and on his side the words on-time delivery and on budget

5. Final Project

The Project will be delivered under the deadline and within the budget after I will have made all the changes and improvements that you had required.

keyboard key with the word support

6. Customer Service

My job does not end with the project delivered to you. I will offer full customer service during the entire life of your business. You do not need to worry about updating contents or changing the design of your website.